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Vote for Children!

Election Day is Tuesday November 6 out and America’s children hang in the balance. Children are counting on you to cast your vote in this election—because they can’t. Millions of children live in poverty, thousands more are held in indefinite detention at our borders, and our nation is plagued by gun violence that continues to cut young lives short. Despite the challenges they face, when we asked children about the future of our country, they were full of hope.

If you aren’t voting early or absentee, make a plan to get to the polls on November 6 and vote for children. As you educate yourself on the candidates and the issues use our 2018 election guide and check out this Minnesota Congressional Candidates Views on Children’s Issues candidate questionnaire that was sent to all major party Congressional candidates in the state and has responses from one Senate candidate and four House candidates.

Whatever the outcome of the election, we will continue to lift up the hope children have for their future and advocate for policies and programs that support their healthy development and positive outcomes now and in the future. We hope you join us!

Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota 2018 Election Guide

MN Congressional Candidates Views on Children’s Issues

Voices and Choices for Children 2018 Equity Election Guide

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