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After more than five years as executive director of Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota, Bharti Wahi is transitioning out of this role in December 2021.  We are very excited to announce that Alisha Porter, Finance and Operations Director of CDF-MN, will be serving as our Interim State Director.

Alisha Porter has a strong operational background and more than 15 years at CDF-MN. She and the CDF-MN team will be working closely together to keep moving forward the important work of ensuring all marginalized children thrive, decision-makers center the needs of children and youth, and communities wield the power to create transformational change. If you have any questions, you can contact Alisha at

CDF is currently in the process of searching for our next Minnesota State Director.  If you or someone you know may be interested, please review the position description and information about how to apply here: Jobs at CDF — Children’s Defense Fund (

A note of Reflection, Transition, and Gratitude from Bharti Wahi:

After more than five years as executive director of Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota, I will be transitioning out of this role December. Working at CDF has been one of the great honors of my life and I feel such deep gratitude to the organization for the opportunities to bring my fully authentic self to this work and to focus my professional goals in service of children, youth, families and community.  It has also been such a privilege working alongside you as well as other partners in the community to support child/youth wellbeing.  I am grateful of your support of me as a leader and of CDF-MN.

Over the past five years we have done a lot together:

  • We have positioned CDF Freedom Schools programs in Minnesota to serve over 2000 children in Summer 2022 – the largest number we have ever served here in Minnesota.
  • We have supported the passage of countless legislation to support children, youth and families – including the Community Solutions Fund Grant Program – to center community knowledge, skill and strategy to better serve Black, Indigenous and children of color.
  • We have further developed our Bridge to Benefits and Economic Stability Indicator tools, so they were ready to more equitably serve the community during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the ensuing economic crisis and the racial uprisings.

 I could not be prouder of this collective work to ensure all children – especially those who have been placed at the margins – to thrive.  I can think of nothing more important than committing ourselves to all children and youth in all of our communities, so they have the best start possible.

  My last official day at the organization will be Friday, December 10, 2021. I will be working closely with the CDF-MN team as well as our National CDF team to support as smooth a transition as possible.  The CDF-MN team is the strongest team with which I have ever worked, and I feel fully confident that they will not miss a beat. 

As my relationship with the organization transitions (because once a CDF family member always a CDF family member) I look forward to seeing the organization grow in new and exciting ways.  I am sure you are looking forward to that as well and I am ready to be cheering on the work of CDF-MN alongside you.  Again, thank you so much for all of your support!

With hope for our children,


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